Easy Modern DIY Coffee Table

Using recycled timber and basic DIY tools

For measurements and in-depth instructions check out the plans for this project HERE

I built this modern coffee table using recycled 2×5 hardwood floor joists without using any special tools or advanced joinery techniques.  I bought the recycled hardwood from my local demolition yard for less than $50 and completed the whole project over a weekend.

Materials used:

Recycled hardwood 2×5 – 4 metres (12′)

Recycled hardwood 1×2 – 3 metres (9′)

Titebond 11 http://amzn.to/2j1rG6e

Danish Oil http://amzn.to/2iN46MT


Cut the tabletop pieces to size


Rip the boards on the table saw to create a straight edge for joining


Align the boards and apply plenty of glue


Clamp the boards together, make sure they don’t get out of alignment here.  Leave them clamped until the glue is completely dry


Once dry, flattern the tabletop.  I find a belt sander the easiest way to do this, just make sure you run with the grain to avoid extra sanding later.  You could also use a plane or an orbital sander


Assemble the legs then glue and screw


Make sure you countersink the top holes.  If you don’t have a countersink bit, just use an oversize drill bit in reverse


Trim the ends of the tabletop with a circular saw or table saw


Align and screw the legs to the tabletop


Sand the whole table down, starting with 120grit then down to 240 grit to get a smooth finish


Finish by applying 2 coats of danish oil, I like to apply with a foam brush then buff off the excess with a cloth 15 minutes later


And you’re done!  The recycled timber gives this table so much character, no 2 tables will ever be the same.  If you try this project I would love to see your finished results! send me a photo on Instagram or Contact me here



Easy Modern DIY Coffee Table